Abletunes Knobs Free Effects

Abletunes Knobs Free Effects

Abletunes Knobs are a collection of three one-knob effect plugins – Drive, Space, and Attack.

Abletunes carefully selected, blended, and mapped several parameters to one knob for your convenience, as in some cases we don’t need to dig deep but act fast instead. All three work best as channel insert, though you may try Space Knob on return track setting it 100% and playing with the send level.

Drive Knob – distortion unit that delivers some nasty wide-band distortion (stereo). Great for when you quickly want to add some tone and color to your sound. Sounds good on drum groups and percussion tracks, adds grit to basslines, leads, keys, you name it.

Try automating its level on transitions, try automating its ON/OFF switch to add extra vibe and chopping pulsation a couple of bars before the drop.

Atack Knob – simplified transient shaper (stereo) with only attack section of the waveform being affected. Adds bite to the drum loops, enhances percussive transients, makes guitar solos sound more solid and confident to name a few application examples.

Space Knob – mid-sized room reverb (stereo). A pretty bright one, creating a mid-sized space, somewhere in between a large room and a small hall. Works well on almost anything, from percussion to synths and acoustic guitars.

But stay moderate with it if you just want to slightly accent the transient (or go nuts with 100% just to see how it sounds).

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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