Adam Monroe’s Delay Free Plugin

Adam Monroe's Delay Free Plugin

Adam Monroe’s Delay is a free delay VST, AAX, and AU effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

Interesting features of this plugin include ping-pong panning that is synced to the delay time, built-in high and low pass filtering, and mix, panning, and panning-width controls.

This delay plugin emulates some of the classic delay sounds like slapback, also it can create new and interesting effects.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this plugin is the option to set the high pass and low pass filters to linear or exponential. Setting to exponential creates interesting effects like hisses and clicks, as the filtering folds back on the delay buffer. This effect works best at 44.1 kHz, but many sample rates are supported.

Starting with version 1.2., there’s a “dry mix” knob and around 25 new presets. The new presets have a bit of a focus on spatial delay effects.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

Adam Monroe

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