Bedroom Compressor Free Plugin

Bedroom Compressor Free Plugin

Bedroom Compressor free effect plugin is a Diode Bridge-based compressor with features like blend knob and high-pass filter sidechain.

Bedroom Compressor is based on a famous channel strip re-issue. This compressor expects a signal in dBu’s, so -18 to -15 is the sweet spot.


  • Make-Up Gain – Output volume control to make up for the compressed signal.
  • High-Pass Filter – High-pass filter with a cutoff range between 20 to 350 Hz.
  • High-Pass Side-Chain – Toggle between the filter in input mode or sidechain mode.
  • In Button – Turns the compressor on or off.
  • Threshold – What level the compressor kicks in.
  • Ratio – How much the signal is turned down when compressed.
  • Speed – Combination of attack and release parameters, from slow – auto.
  • Blend – Mix between the dry and compressed signal.

Bedroom Compressor is available in macOS AU, VST3 and Windows VST3 plugin versions.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

Landon Viator

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