Brainworx Bx_Subfilter Free Filter Plugin

Brainworx Bx_Subfilter Free Filter Plugin

Brainworx bx_subfilter is a free plugin that borrows from the “Filter” section of its larger counterpart, the bx_subsynth.

bx_subfilter is the perfect plugin for anyone who loves the bx_subsynth’s unique approach to low-end filtering but doesn’t need the subharmonic synthesis. If you think that cleaning up your low end shouldn’t break the bank or require twenty knobs, we’ve got a plugin for you.


  • Tight Punch knob implements a resonant high pass filter that’s specially formulated for cutting problem frequencies in bass-heavy tracks
  • Resonance selector applies three peak settings to the filter – Low, High, and Extreme – for accentuating punch while taming low-end rumble
  • Low-End control applies a post-Tight Punch fixed bandpass filter, to achieve that perfect frequency balance
  • Input/output gain controls for level matching and preventing clipping

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

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