Brandulator Free Multi-Fx VST Plugin

Brandulator Free Multi-Fx VST Plugin

Brandulator freeware VST plugin is a complex sound processor that allows you to get multi-fx such as comb filters, trance gate, vocoder, wah-wah, various types of modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, ring, etc).

The work of this plugin is based on splitting the original signal into uniform intervals, in accordance with the tempo of the musical composition, to each of which a certain type of processing can be applied.

To expand the functionality of the plugin, there are three individual channels of sound processing, with adjustable volume and panning, which allows you to create a realistic stereo sound picture. Each channel has 16 pairs of mode / key controls called steps.

It is possible to set the parameters of the steps both individually and in a group method. Also, this can be done both in manual and in automatic mode, in accordance with the required harmonic law, of which there are about three hundred different scales in the plugin’s database.


  • Low CPU usage
  • 64-bit sound processing (double precision)
  • Group editing of parameters
  • Meters controls of output levels
  • 106 factory presets
  • Functions for working with presets and banks

Supported platforms & download


Stone Voices

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