Chameleon Free Guitar Amp Plugin

Chameleon Free Guitar Amp Plugin

Chameleon is a free guitar amp plugin using neural networks to create three distinct sounds from a vintage-style amp head.

Chameleon’s core sound comes from a neural net inference engine which allows the plugin to disguise itself as a high-end tube amplifier. While SmartAmp and SmartAmpPro are more experimental in nature, Chameleon uses the state-of-the-art RTNeural engine which brings CPU usage down to compete with other commercial plugins.

Note: The three tones, “red”, “gold” and “green”, are stored in the user’s Documents folder. These can be manually swapped out for user-trained models if desired.

The plugin is available for Windows 7 and up, 32-bit or 64-bit (Standalone, VST3) and Mac 10.11 and up (Standalone, AU, VST3).

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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