Code Red Free Tube Console Emulation

Code Red Free Tube Console Emulation

Code Red Free is a free equalizer/tube console emulation plugin primarily aimed at mastering.

Code Red Free accurately emulates preamp circuit, EQ curves, bold and punchy character, and the warmth of the classic 60s all tube British console that Beatles recorded most of their material on. The easily recognized overdriven sound of the Beatles’ Revolution was created by playing a P90 based guitar through two chained preamps from this console.


  • Bass boost
  • Original Classic and Pop EQs
  • Wet/Dry mixing (i.e. parallel processing)
  • Impulse response cab emulation
  • Four processing modes: Mono, Mid-Sides, Stereo, and Linked Stereo
  • 4x oversampling

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

Shattered Glass Audio

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