LP SG Custom Free Guitar Instrument Plugin

LP SG Custom Free Guitar Instrument Plugin

LP SG Custom is a free guitar virtual instrument featuring a very basic sampled SG Custom with various playing modes.

LP SG Custom features a polyphonic “chord” playing mode in which the samples will continue to play even after you release the keys. To mute them, just play the same notes again with a MIDI velocity of 20 or less.

Polyphonic mode uses string release groups to mimic a real guitar’s behavior, so you can’t play more than one note per string at a time. This enables you to “strum a chord”, keep it ringing, and then play a variation note or riff while the actual chord is still playing.

The two playing modes can be switched with key switches, and the instrument also contains some Guitar FX and noises.

The colored bars above the GUI keyboard show you where the key switches, mute notes and slides are, and how the strings are divided and distributed over the keyboard.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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