Ozone Imager Free Stereo Widener Plugin

Ozone Imager Free Stereo Widener Plugin

Ozone Imager is a free stereo widener effect plugin by iZotope. Updated in 2019 with immersive, fluid visuals, full resizability, and a smooth new Stereoize mode, Ozone Imager offers a wider world of possibilities for imaging in your mix.

You can control the width of any track – perfect for making super-wide sounds or creating narrow, mono-like sources. Make your pianos, synths, and cymbals fill up your stereo image, or tighten up your low end by narrowing bass and kick drums.

Stereoize can turn mono into stereo, with no need for reverb or doubling. Use the new Stereoize II mode for subtle enhancement, or Stereoize I for a colorful phasing effect.

Three different vectorscope meters help check your stereo width and see if your left and right channels are lining up properly. Resize your plugin window to get an even better view of the action.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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