Prodigious Free Mono/Poly Synth

Prodigious Free Mono/Poly Synth

Prodigious Synthesizer is a free mono/poly instrument plugin by Synthescience, based on the architecture of a famous synthesizer from the past.

Prodigious is also complemented with a few more characteristics from other well-known machines, all combined into a single powerful yet balanced, performance-oriented instrument.

The synth features two audio oscillators that can be self modulated by a third nonaudio oscillator (FM synthesis capability), one fat 24db lowpass filter with self-oscillation capabilities (and with the possibility of being modulated by the second oscillator, flexibility increased), dedicated envelopes for filter and volume contour, plus a powerful and flexible arpeggiator.

As effects, you’ll notice a chorus effect section with three distinctively rich chorus modes, also a delay to bring out those spacey sounds to the front.

Prodigious comes packed with a full set of 128 presets that covers bass, lead, pad, strings, keys, organ and arpeggiated sounds.

To install this plugin, copy & paste the dll file into your VST plugin folder.

Supported platforms & download


Download (2.25MB)

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