Ribs Free Granular FX/Synth Plugin

Ribs Free Granular FX/Synth Plugin

Ribs is a free granular instrument/fx that combines many types of sound processing including glitch, scratch, filtering, destruction & reconstruction.

Here’s what you can do with Ribs:

  • Play it as a poly/mono synth (NOTES mode)
  • Scratch audio like a vinyl record with precise playhead control (SIMPLE mode)
  • Generate complex polyrhythmic beats with custom grain sizes (BEAT mode)
  • Morph between rhythmic and harmonic structures
  • Use it as a granular FX with polyphonic capabilities (FX button on the top-left)
  • Create vocoder-like sounds (check out the formant filter too)

All controls are MIDI-automatable.

Please note currently Ribs does not support saving and loading of captured audio, so it’s generally advised to record your live performance.

By default, you have to send MIDI notes to Ribs for it to fill the buffers. If your host does not support routing audio and MIDI to the same track use FX button on the top-left. You can then choose what buffers to fill by clicking on the buffer tabs.

Press the question mark button to see short parameter descriptions. PDF manual is included in the download.

Ribs is available as VST and standalone for Windows, and AU, VST and standalone for macOS.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

Hvoya Audio

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