SawPluck Free Trance Pluck Synthesizer

SawPluck Free Trance Pluck Synthesizer

SawPluck is a free Trance pluck synthesizer plugin for quick Trance chords, riffs and melody creation.

RDG Audio has carefully crafted all the details of analog circuitry and electronic components through advanced DSP and mathematics. The synth plugin is coded through C++ framework.

Although it’s a single oscillator synthesizer, still it has a very warm sound what is usually missing in regular subtractive synthesizers. Play and tweak with its settings to get the pure rich analog Pluck sound inside your DAW.


  • Single SAW OSC yet rich and warm
  • 15 different filter types (Low Pass, High Pass, Notch, Hybrid, Analog, etc.)
  • Amp Envelope and Filter Envelope (ADSR)
  • Filter Cutoff, Reso, and Filter Mod
  • Built-in Delay and Reverb Effects
  • .rdg/.RDG user presets
  • Comes with Factory presets
  • User can create and save their own Presets as .rdg file format
  • 32 voice Polyphony

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS

RDG Audio

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