SawSage Lite Free Wavetable Synthesizer

SawSage Lite Free Wavetable Synthesizer

SawSage Lite is a free wavetable synthesizer suitable for current electronic music such as EDM, House, Trance, Trap, and even for Retro sounds.

With SawSage you can create your own wavetables and unique sounds. What is special about SawSage Lite is that thanks to the wavetable synthesis, in addition to the 16 wavetables, individual waveforms can be drawn into the two oscillators to create new sounds.

Distinctive FM sounds and a wide pulse width modulation can also be implemented quickly. A lush filter section with 12 different filter types provides exciting timbres. The versatile modulation matrix, in combination with the LFOs, is able to liven up the sound. Inspiring sequences can be achieved with the 16-step sequencer. An effects section with equalizer and chorus is also available.

SawSage Lite is a fully working version and contains a few selected presets compared to the full version, but it allows creating your own sounds.

The synth is available in 32- and 64-bit VST plugin formats for Windows only.

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