Sinnah Free VA Synth Plugin

Sinnah Free VA Synth Plugin

Sinnah is a free VA synth plugin, but instead of the standard subtractive resonant filter, it uses a polyphonic resonant delay network.

Sinnah is based on a single complex oscillator that includes five waveshapes with increasing spectral complexity, harmonics level for all waveshapes, noise level, and a delay matrix.

The delay matrix can have various configurations, from a “triple chorus” per voice to highly randomized resonators, or tuned relatively to the note played.

The envelope can modulate the waveshape selection and the harmonics level.

The synth also features a subtractive stereo filter to carve the spectrum of the sound, somehow like an equalizer, with three filters: high pass, low pass and band reject (notch) .
The band rejects filter also features gain and bandwidth controls.

Moreover, a useful simple reverb is included.

The oscillator is anti-aliased and can play eight voices or mono, and features octave and fine pitch controls.

The GUI is fully drawn by vectors and resizeable, featuring an oscilloscope and peak meters. And eight color schemes are available to fit your mood and taste.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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