Slam Pup Free Tube Drive & Compressor Plugin

Slam Pup Free Tube Drive & Compressor Plugin

Slam Pup is a free tube drive & compressor plugin by BeatSkillz, featuring a fun and easy to use interface.

Slam Pup emulated a “thrusty” compression from a famous American compressor and a “gritty” Multistage Tube Drive from one of BeatSkillz’s favorite British saturator. The result is a 2 knob beast, that can get you sounding “phat” in seconds. No guesswork or crazy science needed. Just tweak away and find your own sweet spot.


  • warm multistage tube drive with a “filling and fattening” sound
  • “thrusting” punchy single knob intuitive compression that never sounds bad. modeled on a famous American unit
  • great on drums, synths, bass, and busses
  • dial in as much as bark and bite needed with the signal blend (dry/wet) control

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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