T-De-Esser Free Plugin

T-De-Esser Free Plugin

T-De-Esser free plugin is a simplified and easy-to-use de-esser that smoothes out high frequencies while maintaining a natural and musical sound.

Unlike the majority of de-esser plug-ins available on the market, T-De-Esser gives a pure natural sound while smoothing the high-frequencies. The only noticeable difference will be the removal of harshness.

You can use T-De-Esser to:

  • Remove harshness from sound sources that were closely mic’d
  • Manage sibilance in vocals and dialog in a transparent manner
  • Treat irregular tonal balance caused by the poor recording quality
  • Reduce the glare from unnecessarily bright guitar and piano recordings
  • Tame piercing synth sounds
  • Control the high-frequencies in overheads’ transients, such as snare, hi-hats, or clash
  • Give more dynamic range to your tracks while mastering, due to the reduction of unnecessary high frequencies

T-De-Esser is available in VST & AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS.

Supported platforms & download

Windows | macOS


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