T-Force Delay Free Effect Plugin

T-Force Delay Free Effect Plugin

T-Force Delay is a free dual mode delay effect plugin for Windows that can be used to add an echo effect to your sound.

Its feedback signal can be modulated with filters and a degrader, to emulate the old vintage style analog tape echo effects. It can produce simple stereo delays but also can be switched to ping pong mode for that typical left/right ping pong echo effect. It also has a flanger to create some crazy flanger effects on the feedback signal.


  • Effect device for using as insert effect or send effect
  • Power switch – can be switched off to turn the plugin into bypass mode
  • Sync switch for switching between free mode and host sync mode for the delay time
  • Switch for enabling ping pong mode
  • Delay time control – controls the time of the delay
  • Feedback control – controls the feedback signal length
  • Mix control for the dry signal
  • Mix control for the wet signal

Supported platforms & download


Mastrcode Music

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