T-Force Trance Gate 2 Free Plugin

T-Force Trance Gate 2 Free Plugin

T-Force Trance Gate 2 free VST plugin is an envelope-controlled rhythmic gate effect to chop an incoming audio signal like e.g. a pad sound into a rhythmic sequence.

This kind of effect was used a lot in old classic trance tunes which also gave this effect its name. In the early days of trance music, this effect was realized by using a noise gate device.

The rhythmic sequence was done by using e.g. a hi-hat sequence which was routed to the sidechain input of the noise gate. The T-Force Trance Gate 2 uses an internal step sequencer instead, to make the workflow easier to create this effect. It also can be switched to a sidechain mode, to use it the “classical” way by using an external audio signal as a sidechain input. The Trance Gate 2 also has a multimode filter. The effect is fully controlled by an amp envelope and a filter/resonance envelope. With all these features it’s even possible to turn your favorite pad sound into an arp-like sequence.


  • Effect device for using as an insert effect or send effect
  • Stereo audio input (L/R)
  • Stereo sidechain input (L/R)
  • Bypass mode
  • Step sequencer with up to 32 steps
  • Adjustable tempo with bpm host sync
  • Multimode filter with 13 different filter types, with controls for cutoff, resonance, cutoff envelope amount and resonance envelope amount
  • 1 ADSR amp envelope with on/off function
  • 1 ADSR filter cutoff envelope with on/off function
  • 1 ADSR resonance envelope with on/off function
  • 2 trigger modes:
    • sequencer mode – uses the internal step sequencer to trigger all ADSR envelopes.
    • sidechain mode – uses the stereo sidechain inputs to trigger all ADSR envelopes with an incoming audio signal by a given threshold, attack and release value (e.g. a hihat loop)
  • 2 LFO’s
  • Mod Matrix

T-Force Trance Gate 2 is available as 32-bit VST2 and 64 bit VST2/64-bit VST3 plugins for Windows.

Supported platforms & download


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