The Dom Free Distortion, Overdrive & Amp

The Dom Free Distortion, Overdrive & Amp

The Dom free VST effect plugin is a brutal distortion, overdrive, and amplifier simulator by Shameless Plugs.

It is not here to sit quietly in the corner and gently handle all your audio bits with the greatest care; it is here to rock & roll.

The Dom will successfully fulfill the role of an overdrive, pushing whatever comes after it into saturation; or a distortion in its own right in front of e.g. a cleaner amp; or even as a complete replacement for an amplifier.

The high cut filter can be sufficient to shape the sound by cutting out unwanted fizziness that necessarily comes from any type of distortion, before sending it to e.g. a reverb, or you can use a speaker cabinet simulator or impulse response loader with your favorite speaker cabinet impulse response, to shape the sound.

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